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"O'Neil is a polished storyteller with a breezy style."
--Marilyn Stasio in The Sunday New York Times

A tale of modern-day horror from award-winning novelist Vincent H. O'Neil:

In Providence, Rhode Island, graduate student Angie Morse has discovered evidence that an ancient stone obelisk worshiped by a colonial-era cult is still in existence. Hoping to finish her studies with a career-boosting headline, she's combing the woods to find it.

As she digs into the history of the obelisk and the cult that perished at its feet, she's plagued by bizarre events and shadowy figures from her college days. The more time she spends in the ghostly forests outside the city, the more Angie starts to suspect the obelisk is exerting the same influence on her that doomed so many others.

Vincent H. OíNeil brings a wealth of life experience to his writing. Over the years he has served as an officer in the US Army, a consultant, a risk manager, and an apprentice librarian.

A native of Massachusetts, he holds a bachelor's degree from West Point and a master's degree in International Business from The Fletcher School. After writing in his spare time for many years, he won the St. Martinís Press "Malice Domestic" Writing Competition in 2005.

His award-winning debut novel, Murder in Exile, was the first book in a mystery series featuring the background-checker Frank Cole. It was followed by Reduced Circumstances, Exile Trust, and Contest of Wills.

His mystery novel Death Troupe is the first book in a theater-based mystery series featuring playwright Jack Glynn and the unusual members of the Jerome Barron Players theater troupe.

Harlequin Worldwide Mystery has released all four of the Frank Cole "Exile" novels in paperback, and published a paperback version of Death Troupe in 2013.

In 2012 he released a military science fiction novel called Glory Main: A Story of the Sim War. Harper Voyager acquired Glory Main and the next two books in the series, and Glory Main was released in 2014. The sequel, Orphan Brigade, was published in early 2015 and the third book in the series, Dire Steps, will be released in August, 2015.

His latest work, Interlands, is a Lovecraftian horror novel set in Providence, Rhode Island. It features graduate student Angela Morse, who is searching the local woods for a lost stone obelisk once worshiped by a colonial-era cult that perished at its feet.

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