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Harlequin has released DEATH TROUPE in paperback!

March 1, 2013

Tags: murder mystery, drama, suspense, thriller, play, theater, directing, acting, writing, play-writing, creative process, inspiration, motivation, Adirondack

Harlequin just released my theater-themed murder mystery DEATH TROUPE in paperback, and they did a fantastic job. They already published paperback versions of all four of the Frank Cole mysteries, and I've loved the cover art they've developed for every one of them, but they outdid themselves with DEATH TROUPE.

Although DEATH TROUPE is (more…)

Motivating Your Murderer

September 28, 2010

Tags: murder, mystery, murder mystery, plot, writing, motive, motivation

One of the great things about writing murder mysteries is the opportunity to imagine the mind of the villain. After all, no matter how many times we say weíd like to kill someone in real life, most of us thankfully arenít ever going to get closer to the mindset of an actual (more…)

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