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DEATH TROUPE gets its first official review!

April 1, 2011

Tags: murder, mystery, theater, acting, directing, playwriting, Adirondack

The Midwest Book Reviewís excellent review of DEATH TROUPE:

It's quite annoying when fiction becomes reality. More so when your fiction is murder. "Death Troupe" follows the theatre group known as the Jerome Barron players who have earned the nickname Death Troupe, surrounding their practice of doing murder mystery plays. But when their (more…)

Getting It Write: When your main character is a writer

February 16, 2011

Tags: writing, playwriting, directing, acting, murder, mystery, Adirondack

In my new novel Death Troupe, the main character is a playwright. Creating such a role was a new experience for me, and I was surprised by how much work it turned out to be. Iíve read many novels in which the protagonist was some kind of writer (Stephen Kingís The Shining, (more…)

Murder, Romance, Suspense, and Theater: My new novel Death Troupe

February 11, 2011

Tags: theater, acting, directing, playwriting, Adirondack, murder, romance, mystery

Now available on Amazon:

DEATH TROUPE by Vincent H. OíNeil (394 pages)

The Jerome Barron Players have a problem. Their writer, Ryan Betancourt, has killed himself under mysterious circumstances and they need a replacement right away. The Players, unofficially known as Death Troupe, come together once a year to perform a high-end murder mystery (more…)

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