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Get Two New Mil Sci-Fi Novels from Harper Voyager for $3

December 8, 2014

Tags: kindle deal, nook deal, ebook deal, scifi, mil scifi, military science fiction

Until the end of December, Harper Voyager is offering the ebook version of my mil sci-fi novel GLORY MAIN for 99 cents and the sequel, ORPHAN BRIGADE, for $1.99 as a pre-order.

So you can get both books in the series as ebooks for $3. You're welcome.

The ebook of ORPHAN BRIGADE will be released on January 6, 2015. GLORY (more…)

An Outstanding Review for My New Military SciFi novel GLORY MAIN

September 14, 2012

Tags: science fiction, military science fiction, scifi, survival, war in space, commando, aliens, starvation

I recently released a novel entitled GLORY MAIN: A Story of the Sim War, which is the first in a new military science fiction series written under the name Henry V. O'Neil. It's available in ebook or paperback from Amazon, but here's an excellent review from a Desmond Hassing. I'm thrilled to be compared (more…)

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