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Blogs From Exile

FREE--read the first 3 chapters of my YA sci-fi story The Gathering Elements

Check out my serialized YA sci-fi story "The Gathering Elements" on Kindle Vella:

Cal and Rosamund are orphans conscripted into a monastic school that trains teens to be spies and saboteurs serving in the corporate wars. The school has many enemies, and it holds a deep secret: Its top administrators are experimenting with the void created by the folding of space and time, a realm containing unearthly wisdom, terrifying entities, and sudden madness.

#scifi #ya #sciencefiction #youngadult #dystopian #kindlevella #kindlevellastory

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Check out my new serialized story "Negotiating Hostages" on Kindle Vella

Read the first 3 chapters of my serialized crime drama "Negotiating Hostages" FREE on Kindle Vella:

When two organized crime gangs exchange hostages for an approaching sit-down, what happens when one of the hostages is a fake and the other is something much worse?

#kindlevella #crime#suspense #thriller #hostage


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Launch of an innovative new book series

The first two books in my new series are on sale now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in ebook and paperback. This series is something new, in that it pairs a futuristic fiction novel with a non-fiction self-improvement manual/life-philosophy manual.

The first book, A Pause in the Perpetual Rotation, is a science fiction novel depicting a future United States where everyone has everything they need--except a purpose. A new philosophy called The Unused Path has been embraced by many, and the government finds this increasingly disturbing.

The second one, the non-fiction book The Unused Path, is that philosophy.

I hope you like them. You can read more at this link.


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Read my one-scene play "Settling Up" at Scene4

The theatre magazine Scene4 published my one-scene play "Settling Up" this morning, and you can read it at the link below.

It's five pages of dialogue and probably a three-minute read.

A one-scene play is a terrific discipline, because you still have to tell a complete story from start to finish.


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Listen FREE to my short story "In-Body" on Escape Pod

Listen FREE anytime to my short story "In-Body", performed on the Escape Pod podcast by voiceover artist Tren Sparks.

In-Body is a futuristic tale that touches on PTSD and survivor guilt as it explores the theme of personal debts we owe to others. Hosted by the award-winning Escape Pod podcast, it's available for you anytime at this link:



or click here.

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Excellent review from Locus Magazine

I was thrilled to see the following review of my science fiction short story "Emptying the Bunkhouse" in Locus Magazine:

"A tense SF adventure about a group of convict laborers doing what seems to be mining on a dangerous planet – but something strange is going on. The solution is rather involved, but it's intriguing." -- Rich Horton, Locus Magazine


You can read the entire short story FREE in the latest edition of Bourbon Penn Magazine:


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Watch the video of my presentation for the Georgetown University Center for Security Studies

Today I presented my paper, "The Information Disruption Industry and the Operational Environment of the Future" online as part of the Weaponization of Information series cosponsored by the Army's Mad Scientist Initiative and the Georgetown University Center for Security Studies.


The presentation, and the Q&A that followed it, are both on this YouTube link.




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Read my scifi short story in Bourbon Penn magazine!

"I'm beginning this story in the second week of our voyage, because we lost half our number in the first week. And there won't be a third."


I'm pleased to announce that my sci-fi short story "Emptying the Bunkhouse" is in the newest edition of Bourbon Penn magazine.


You can read the whole story here:



Emptying the Bunkhouse

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International Theater Magazine Scene4 Has Published My Short Story

I'm pleased to announce that the international theater magazine Scene4 has published my short mystery story "Reading the Audience" in this month's issue.


Read the story online


Here's the link:


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Watch me pitch my TV pilot "Handler Hank" at the Austin Revolution Film Festival

My TV crime drama pilot script "Handler Hank" was an official selection at the 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival, and I was videotaped promoting it in their pitch competition. 

This was a one-take, five-minute-maximum presentation, and it hits the high notes of my proposed series. Here's the YouTube link (or you can search YouTube with the term "Handler Hank"):


I'm currently shopping this around, so if you know someone in the TV industry (agent, producer, showrunner, etc.) please feel free to share it. 


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