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Blogs From Exile

The Best Review I've Ever Received

Libby Cudmore, a marvelous new writer from the noir side of the mystery world, just gave my new book DEATH TROUPE the greatest review. I'm practically speechless, so here it is:

Death Troupe is a mystery novel for writers. It's about writing. It's about the struggles of writing and what being a writer does to people. It can unite or divide. It can make partnerships or it can end in murder, sometimes both. And Death Troupe explores all of this with a dark charm I've come to recognize from reading Vinny's Exile series . . . but I'd have to say without hesitation (or bribery) that this is Vinny's masterpiece, and with each chapter I read, I get inspired to go back to my own work . . . which, given some of the crazy circumstances of late, is a feat of it's own. Now if only the book weren't so damn hard to put down . . .
--Libby Cudmore, April 28 2011

You can read the full blog (which says so many nice things about me that I couldn't reproduce them here) at Libby's fantastic blog "Record of the Month" (scroll down to April 28, 2011):

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