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Blogs From Exile

My short story "Door Number Two" is in Mystery Tribune!

My short story "Door Number Two" is in the Summer 2019 issue of Mystery Tribune, and I'm in some very august company:
  • Stories by Reed Farrel Coleman, Rusty Barnes, Casey Barrett, Brett Busang, Vincent H. O'Neil, David Rachels, Scott Loring Sanders, Mark Slade, and Robb White.
  • Interviews and Reviews by Alex Segura, Nick Kolakowski, Tobias Carroll, and Erica Wright.
    Art and Photography by Michael McCluskey, Patrick Clelland, and more.
  • This issue also features a preview of the new Bury The Lede graphic novel by CGaby Dunn and Claire Roe.


"Door Number Two" tells the tale of an unorthodox hit man who encounters something unexpected on a job one night--use this link to order it.


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