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Blogs From Exile

Our short film is an official selection at the FilmQuest Film Festival

Congrats to the entire team who created the short thriller The Inflection Scheme. We just received our official selection at the prestigious FilmQuest Film Festival in Provo Utah, to be held this October.

The story is about a crypto trader who makes a $10M bet at a nefarious crypto exchange and has to deal with a protege from his past. It's based on a story I wrote, but all the credit goes to the director, writers, crew, and amazing cast. 

This is an especially gratifying moment for me because I've submitted screenplays to FilmQuest in the past and consider it one of the top up-and-coming film festivals.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of this film, best of luck in Provo, and looking forward to hearing of more selections at other festivals. 

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