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Blogs From Exile

My First Horror Novel Has Just Been Released

My first horror novel, INTERLANDS, has just been released. This is also my first female protagonist, and so far the reviews have been excellent. Here's a description:

A tale of modern-day horror from award-winning novelist Vincent H. O'Neil:

In Providence, Rhode Island, graduate student Angie Morse has discovered evidence that an ancient stone obelisk worshiped by a colonial-era cult is still in existence. Hoping to finish her studies with a career-boosting headline, she's combing the woods to find it.

As she digs into the history of the obelisk and the cult that perished at its feet, she's plagued by bizarre events and shadowy figures from her college days. The more time she spends in the ghostly forests outside the city, the more Angie starts to suspect the obelisk is exerting the same influence on her that doomed so many others.

I'm a huge fan of HP Lovecraft's writing, and wanted to write a Lovecraftian horror story for many years. I finally got the big push to do this when I heard about the "Necronomicon" convention to be held here in Providence in August, and I'm so pleased the book will be available for that.

So if you're looking for a scary story about New England woods, a colonial-era cult, an obelisk that may or may not be out there somewhere, and dangerous occultists, this is the book for you. Available in Kindle and Nook and in paperback on Amazon.

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