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Blogs From Exile

Exciting news from my horror writing

I'm thrilled and honored to announce that my horror short story, Lion Lake, has been selected as one of the stories to be included in a "Best of Lovecraftiana" anthology. Lion Lake was first published in the May 2022 edition of Lovecraftiana, and my story is in some august company in this collection. 

Tentatively entitled The Best of Lovecraftiana Magazine, the anthology will include:

Lion Lake Vincent H O'Neil
Sideways Carlton Herzog
Maggona Beach David B Harrington
Dreams of the Docent Lee Clark Zumpe
A Look Like Death Scott J Couturier
Accelatrix Glynn Owen Barrass
The Dappled Egg Tim Mendees
The Fate of the Jaquiths RC Mulhare
The Horror at Innsmouth High Joan d'Arc
Ash and Resurrection John M McCormick
Final Words Simon Bleaken
The Mesonoxian Maxwell Ian Gold
The Psychic Investigator David A Riley

If you're enjoying these blog posts, I think you might enjoy the novels and short stories I've written as well. Please visit some of the links on my webpage and consider purchasing my writing. Thank you. 

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Hypnos Magazine is publishing one of my horror short stories

I'm pleased and honored to announce that Hypnos Magazine is including my horror short story "Elsie's Whiskers" in their April edition.


Elsie is a part-human huntress prowling the spaces far below the streets of New York City who encounters something quite unexpected one night. Here's the opening:

Elsie's Whiskers


Elsie awoke when the moon was dark, as always. The crawlspace where she slept, near the top of a Manhattan skyscraper, was silent and shadowy. She stretched, detecting a slight odor. Droppings from a mouse that had passed through during her slumber. Judging from the faint scent, the visit was two weeks past.


She thought of the mouse's whiskers, twitching and seeking in the darkness, and allowed her own senses to reach out. The building was almost empty after hours, and she only detected the energy of security guards and cleaning crews. The skyscraper's steel and concrete were dead materials, and didn't conduct the forces well. That was why she'd picked it, and why her hiding place was so high up. Disconnecting was the only way she could sleep between hunts.


Her stomach trembled at the thought of food, and she slid toward the hatch.

I hope you like it. You can order a copy here:


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En busca del obelisco perdido

From Argentina, where my good friend Agustina Pineiro has reviewed my horror novels INTERLANDS and DENIZENS:

En busca del obelisco perdido

El horror sobrenatural aún acecha las tierras de Lovecraft en esta saga escrita por Vincent O'Neil.

Conocí a Vincent O'Neil en NecronomiCon y entre conferencias me contó que había escrito un  Read More 
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The sequel to INTERLANDS is here!

DENIZENS, the sequel to my horror novel INTERLANDS, is now available in both Kindle and Nook ebook formats. The paperback edition will go on sale shortly.

Book Two of the Interlands series takes up right where INTERLANDS left off:

Historian Angela Morse is trying to keep a secret. At the end of the book INTERLANDS, she'd  Read More 
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Interlands is ‘Perfect Example Why Self-Publishing can be a Good Thing’

By Stacey Longo Harris, proprietor of Books 'n Boos bookstore in Colchester, Connecticut

Interlands by Vincent O’Neil (2013, Vincent O’Neil) is the perfect example of why self-publishing can be a good thing. The novel is well structured, reads at the perfect pace, and is hard to put down. There is no reason why  Read More 
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My First Horror Novel Has Just Been Released

My first horror novel, INTERLANDS, has just been released. This is also my first female protagonist, and so far the reviews have been excellent. Here's a description:

A tale of modern-day horror from award-winning novelist Vincent H. O'Neil:

In Providence, Rhode Island, graduate student Angie Morse has discovered evidence that an ancient stone obelisk  Read More 
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