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Blogs From Exile

The sequel to INTERLANDS is here!

DENIZENS, the sequel to my horror novel INTERLANDS, is now available in both Kindle and Nook ebook formats. The paperback edition will go on sale shortly.

Book Two of the Interlands series takes up right where INTERLANDS left off:

Historian Angela Morse is trying to keep a secret. At the end of the book INTERLANDS, she'd spent months searching the forests near Providence for a lost stone obelisk once worshiped by a colonial-era cult that perished at its feet. When she found the monument, Angie realized it contained a malevolent spirit and decided to never reveal its existence. Unfortunately, the supernatural entities awakened by her quest have other ideas …

Praise for INTERLANDS:

Strong Lovecraftian themes are present throughout the story, most notably cosmicism, and in the end, a few unanswered questions. Lovecraft fans won’t be disappointed. I found the book to be so engaging that I stopped everything and read it from start to finish in one day.

-- S.A. Nappa in "Speculative Fiction Reviews"
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